January 7, 2011

In the very early morning of January 7th, 2011, Man spoke of becoming a Partner with (Congratz again BT-dubs) He spoke of it as being “The American Dream”. I wished that he would go all “Inception” on me, and eventually sparked the posting of our own “Inception Comics” by Borunks and I, or as I call it, “MANceptions“.

Enjoy :)

Blindfired’s Creations

Borunks’ Creations

If you wish to create your own “MANception”, Click Here to do so, and post the link in the comments so we may all LOL at what you have created :D


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  1. Beef

    The one about the troll face made me literally laugh out loud.

  2. MAN

    TacoBeast that is fucking HILARIOUS! LOL

    I love this whole post. :D

    1. MAN

      They really DO! :P

  3. Mr_Bubbles2

    The one that talked about the Troll Face Made me laugh pretty Hard

  4. TheFraudulent

    I Luled

    1. KillaManiac

      This is definitely a keeper!

  5. anduin1

    Woulfe wins, I laughed hard.