MANvsGAME – The Recap (8/23/10)

August 23, 2010

Once again, I’m taking my regular cast recap that I once placed in the now deceased forums and putting it onto the front page for all of you folks to see. Now how exciting is that? I know…you are raising your hands in the air in celebration as you read this very sentence. Hell, I know I was! So, are ready for the fun that is the MvG Recap? Well, it doesn’t matter if you are ready or not, cause here I come!

MANvsGAME Cast Recap (8/23/2010) — MAN of WAR Cast Featuring God of War

“The Circle Challenge” – View Highlight Here

In Man’s first major fight on the evening, he takes on a couple of those pesky Centaurs in what everyone like to call “The Circle Challenge”. Can Man properly show off his MAN of WAR skills while keeping himself inside some fairly tight quarters? Well, just watch this highlight and find out just how well Man can beat that dead horse.

“Exiting Hades’ Locker Room” – View Highlight Here

It was truly a night of puzzles on the MvG cast, and this was the first longer puzzle of the evening. In this particular highlight, Man travels through what he likes to call “Hades’ Locker Room”, taking on the members of the local football team while trying to find his way out. Well he ever accomplish his task of meeting all of the team members? Find out in this clip.

“Great Balls of Fire” – View Highlight Here

It isn’t truly a proper MvG cast unless you have a little bit of fail in there. This is the opening premise of this clip, as Man attempts to move and shake his way through a hallway full of those giant flaming balls. Can Man find the only exits in a hall full of dead ends? Will Man ultimately survive the onslaught of balls being thrown at him? Your answer lies in this highlight.

“Epic Falls and Blades” – View Highlight Here

Here is your second and final clip of Man fail on this evening. In this clip, we explore just how well Man can keep his balance while he attempts to dodge some of those pesky spinning blades. Will he be able to jump out of the way, or even learn how to jump in time? Just watch this clip and find out just how damaging a fall from a ledge can be.

I wonder how far that fall would have been had Kratos gone all the way to the bottom? That would have a serious splatter, let me tell ya.

“Raging Bull” – View Highlight Here

This might just be the best highlight of the evening. After 2 earlier failed attempts at the temple’s bull of a boss, Man upgrades his blades and goes to work for a third attempt. Will the MAN of WAR be able to pull off his magic one more time for a dramatic victory? Find out in the ultimate conclusion to this very long temple and night of maze like puzzle play.

Yep, that looks like some serious power just went into that kill. Is the MAN of WAR finally reaching his true potential?

“Fighting the Scapegoat” – View Highlight Here

The final fight of the evening is found here in this highlight. Man actually finds minimum difficulty in this battle as his blades are shown off in top form. So, want to see a simple clip where Man isn’t dying off in his usual fail style? Click on the link and find yourself bathing in some serious MAN of WAR power. Enjoy.

So, hopefully you enjoyed this edition of the MvG Recap! Is there anything I can do better to improve this recap? Well, if there is, then do not be shy to post a comment below. After all, I will be trying to do these for every cast, so every little comment helps! Okay, until Tuesday friends — have a great night!


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  1. MAN

    Now these are some damn fine highlights, manA. I now know from experience why this is such a beloved series. So glad that boss fight is now highlighted for posterity. :D (sucks that I couldn’t’ve had a higher bitrate for the occasion :/)