MANvsGAME – The Recap (8/25/10)

August 25, 2010

Once again, I’m taking my regular cast recap that I once placed in the now deceased forums and putting it onto the front page for all of you folks to see. Now how exciting is that? I know…you are raising your hands in the air in celebration as you read this very sentence. Hell, I know I was! So, are ready for the fun that is the MvG Recap? Well, it doesn’t matter if you are ready or not, cause here I come!

Now tonight, we have a very special cast for all of you. In what I think we all hope will be a semi regular tradition here on the MvG Cast, this cast was an all Brawl affair of which I will call “Brawlnesday” in which Man and Zeke took on the chat in 14 Brawl matches over the two hour casting time. Out of those 14 matches, I have chosen 7 of what I believe to be the best matches of the night for either their close match results or for just some great commentary that went into them. I hope you enjoy them as much as the viewers seemed to on this night.

Before I throw up the links and such, I will note that there aren’t little blurbs for each highlight like there usually is because I would be saying much of the same business. Here are some general notes to live by before you watch these 7 matches:

1. Zeke makes his appearance known in all of these matches (except the first one). This means that you might want to turn down your speakers or headset in case those extremely loud moments pop up for you. Trust me, there is plenty of ear bleeding noise to go around on this night, so consider this your only warning. ^_^

2. Be prepared for lots of TV/Movie references to pop up in many of these matches. It’s okay if you don’t get some of them (of all of them) as they come in. Just remember that you are not really alone in that fact, and you’ll be just fine.

3. If you want to know who was playing as who in each match, just read the description for each highlight on the JTV page. They should be listed on the right side for your convenience. I will also place them below each highlight if you looking for a particular match.

4. Best match of the night? Well, if you are looking for only one highlight to watch, I will suggest the sixth one. Let’s just say that was by far the closest match of the cast and came down to the final moments. Enjoy that one in particular for both its commentary and gameplay.

MANvsGAME Cast Recap (8/25/2010) — Brawlnesday I featuring MANvsZekevsChat (SSBB)

Best of Brawlnesday: Match 1 – View Match Here

Combatants Include: Man as Luigi – Boo as Marth – Brawler as Sonic – Mango as Wolf (5 Man Stock Match)

Best of Brawlnesday: Match 2 – View Match Here

Combatants Include: Zeke as Pit – Boo as Diddy Kong – Brawler as Lucario – Mango as Luigi (5 Man Stock Match)

Best of Brawlnesday: Match 3 – View Match Here

Combatants Include: Zeke as Fox – Boo as Jigglypuff – Brawler as Mario – Man as Olimar (5 Man Stock Match)

Best of Brawlnesday: Match 4 – View Match Here

Combatants Include: Man as Wario – Boo as Falcon – Brawler as Mario – Lincoln (Emi) as Snake (5 Man Stock Match)

You want an MVP for the night? How about MvG Viewer Boo, who played in the first 12 matches and won a majority of them. These two are not surprised at another Boo victory.

Best of Brawlnesday: Match 5 – View Match Here

Combatants Include: Zeke as Lucario – Boo as Kirby – Oso as Ike – Lincoln (Emi) as Ice Climbers (5 Man Stock Match)

FEATURE: Best of Brawlnesday: Match 6 – View Match Here

Combatants Include: Man as Wario – Boo as Dedede – Oso as Bowser – Lincoln (Emi) as Wolf (5 Minute Free-For-All)

Best of Brawlnesday: Match 7 – View Match Here

Combatants Include: Man as Diddy Kong – Zeke as Meta Knight (Blue) – Mango as Meta Knight (Yellow) – Venom as Fox (5 Minute Free-For-All)

I'd say it was a very successful first edition of the Brawlnesday. I would also say that Zeke was thinking the exact same thing if this picture is any indication.

So, hopefully you enjoyed this edition of the MvG Recap! Is there anything I can do better to improve this recap? Well, if there is, then do not be shy to post a comment below. After all, I will be trying to do these for every cast, so every little comment helps! Okay, until Thursday friends — have a great night!


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