This Week in MvG – 2000 Golden Gods in Hell

December 20, 2010

This is the third post in a new series where I put together a recap of the past week in MvG through the use of highlights from viewers like you! If you would like to see your highlight work in a edition of “This Week in MvG”, feel free to do your part and make cast highlights. If you don’t know how, just know that Google is your friend (and so are your fellow chatmates)!

This week’s edition of the MvG Cast Recap is brought to you by: The Gays. Ah yes, this week was a celebration of gays everywhere, from the repeal of the US Military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, to the coming out of one of the most popular broadcasters on JTV. We here at the MANcult congratulate Man for coming out in front of a live audience Friday, and doing it in such a fabulous fashion.

Don't think that the level name in the background is just sheer dumb luck. You have to believe that everything in that picture was done for a reason.

Okay, with that little celebration out of the way, it is time for this week in the MvG universe. Enjoy the ride.

This Week in MANvsGAME – 2000 Golden Gods in Hell

There have been many great intros over the course of MvG cast history, from the old video game tunes to the amazing graphics that pop up when a cast goes live. Basically, when you hear the old 8 bit goodness and see the classic MANvsGAME logo, you know you are in for an awesome night. However, some opens don’t go quite as smooth as some of us would like them to. You never know when you are going to have some stream lag, choppy audio, or no audio at all (Fun Fact: Many of the early MvG broadcasts began with the traditional few minutes of lag, which brought up quite a few epic freeze frames of the Man himself. However, recent casts have done away with the opening lag, ending one of the oldest cast traditions).

So how do you make a problematic stream more exciting? You bring in master bro, Zeke, and you watch do something crazy. Sounds like a good idea right? Not if you don’t like going blind to the sight of a shirtless Zeke. Powdered Toastman brings us the visual proof:

Awkward Moment

This picture also counts as this week's Herp Derp pic of the week. Nothing says Herp like a couple of bros giving blank looks to the audience, am I right?

MvG: Great for the World’s Insomniacs. One of the requests I tend to see quite often is to have Man do a cast marathon. Well, maybe some of you haven’t heard, but Man does his share of marathons. I mean, did you watch Tuesday night’s Cave Story adventure? Sure, it started a little bit late, but anytime you have a cast end at 5:15 AM Eastern Time, I think you can consider that a marathon. Another piece of MvG history for you: Tuesday’s 8 hour cast was the longest single broadcast since the beginning of the daily casts. The second longest? The 7 hour runs caused by the endings of Bayonetta and Super Meat Boy.

The funniest part of the whole “marathon” had to be the fact that over three quarters of the cast took place in the same level. Welcome to hell ladies and gents, where the coffee flows freely and the curse that is stubbornness reaches its all time high. This 2nd highlight from Mr. Toast shows off the final moments of this drawn out affair. Enjoy.

A Long Battle Comes to an End

PS: The reports are in — Pixel is still a fuck. Going off of that previous highlight, it is once again time for this week’s…

Out of Context Clip of the Week. Shock is back this week with the out of context clip of the week, and this one shows off the emotions one can have after doing the same level over and over again. A question for the guys out there: Can any of you match Man’s grunting skills seen in this clip below? I have faith in absolutely none of you to pull that off.

What the heck happened?

This makes it official. Playing Cave Story for 8 hours straight is enough to make any man go crazy. It's a good substitute for drugs though, right?

How to Celebrate: Golden God Edition. On Wednesday night, Man took one last full stride into the adventure that is Super Meat Boy in order to get the last achievement still missing from his mantle: The ever impressive 100% completion achievement. They don’t call you a Golden God for nothing when you complete that impressive feat, so of course a celebration is going to be in order when the job gets done. As Man shows us in this highlight brought to you by tairyhesticle, headbanging that slick head of hair is always a good way to party:

Man is a Golden God

The MvG Cast Recap will return after this musical interlude. A tip of the hat goes to Squidmango for these musical highlights of the Man himself. This once again proves that Man is a man of many talents, as his voice transcends many different genres: From classic country to new age rap to Russian entertainment, Man is doing it all.

Manway Twitty



Welcome back, everyone. Hope you enjoyed that musical bliss. It’s now time to gather around the fire one more time for this week’s edition of When MvG Gets Real. Last week chronicled the adventures of Zeke, so this week we are headed back to the adventures of Man. In this highlight, Man tells his story and lists his grievances on the holiday season. His main beef? The crazy that the holidays bring out in people. Chimpy brings us this highlight:

MAN vs Crazy People Around the Holidays

The MvG Moment of the Week (Presented by Starbucks Coffee and Hot Topic): 2000 Followers, and 1 Gay MAN. Man began his next gaming adventure, Donkey Kong Country Returns, on Friday night. There was a feeling amongst the chat room that the big 2,000 follower number was going to be hit on this night, and no one came out disappointed. Man had been promising what he claimed to be “something special” if the number got hit, but I don’t believe anyone saw what actually went down coming. A few hours into the cast, MvG officially hit 2,000 followers, and a coming out party was in order. Squidmango’s got the highlight of the big moment, so if you were not around for the hilarity on Friday, here you go:

Gaytastic 2000 Followers Celebration

The celebration was great and all Man, but let's not do anything like this again, okay? I don't think the world can take this twice. (Credit for the picture goes to Squid!)

Fun Stat of the Week: It took MvG 4 months to go from just under 100 followers to 1,000 followers. After hitting 1,000 followers, it only took another month for the cast to hit another 1,000 followers. That’s a pretty telling stat on just how quickly the community has grown. Thanks once again everyone for the support!

And with that, I conclude this week of MvG highlights. Remember, if you want to see a particular moment featured here, you have to make the highlight! It all starts again Monday (tonight!) folks — so until then, LETS HAVE HAPPY!

MAN Has Happy!


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