This Week in MvG – DK Joins A Demon’s Soul in 2011

January 10, 2011

This is the fourth post in a new series where I put together a recap of the past week in MvG through the use of highlights from viewers like you! If you would like to see your highlight work in a edition of “This Week in MvG”, feel free to do your part and make cast highlights. If you don’t know how, just know that Google is your friend (and so are your fellow chat mates)!

This week’s edition of the MvG cast recap is brought to you by: Coffee. Doesn’t matter what kind or what brand we are talking about here (although Starbucks is a future sponsor of the MvG program and should be treated as such), as it was the great beverage in general that kept many of MvG’s longer casts of the past week up and running. If playing games and reading lines of lines of chat text doesn’t keep you casting for 13 straight hours, then maybe your local coffee company can. So go pick some of that great stuff today — I’m sure you’ll get hooked in no time!

Want to know what coffee will do to a Man? Look no further than this solid evidence of its great work on a human being.

Alright, this shit is happening! It is time for another jam-packed edition of This Week in MvG!

This Shit is Happening! (Hat Tip: Squidmango)

This Week in MvG: DK Joins A Demon’s Soul in 2011

We start this week’s edition with a shout out to one of the best ongoing stories MvG has ever had. That’s right, it is time to salute MvG viewer Elite_Muffin & His Greatest Demon’s Souls Moments. For those that did not catch the Demon’s Souls action over the course of the past week, Elite Muffin was one of the main viewers getting involved in the game, whether it was to take Man down to his demise or to help him get through some of the more difficult moments in the game. That might not sound too interesting however, until you take a look at the some of the hilarious moments that centered around some of his sad but amusing failures. Elite, we give you and Demon’s Souls a proper send off in these two highlights by Piepiez and Dimebag.

Watch Your Back (HT: Dimebag209)

Waiting For Muffin… (HT: Piepiez)

A friendly reminder that turning your back on Fire is not only a bad idea, it's a thought that'll get your souls stolen from ya.

From Demon’s Souls, we move onto a more human subject. This week, we said our temporary goodbyes to the casting career of rising JTV streamer, Teh_Ferret, as he took himself back to family in Alabama without a computer to grace us with a cast. Before leaving for the great state however, he wished to say his goodbyes to Man. I don’t think that there is any doubt that Ferret was sent out in the proper way — but not to the great world of Narnia like previously thought…but rather to a place quite the opposite. Watch this highlight from Shaggyscoots and ask yourself: “Do I live in a place like the one Man describes?”

Where is Ferret Going? (HT: Shaggyscoots)

It’s time for this week’s segment of Pro Tips. One of the compliments that gets thrown around in the MvG chat on occasion is the idea that for the high number of viewers and followers the MvG cast has gathered, there aren’t a whole lot of trolls that come on and raise their type of havoc in the chat room. But for the few trolls that do seem to pop in every once in a while, especially early on a Saturday morning, Man has a great pro tip to help aid them in their journey to become the perfect troll. Any aspiring trolls out there might want to take a look at this highlight and get learned on a basic rule of covering up your trollish ways.

Tip For All Trollers (HT: Hitmanpayne)

Next up, we are going back into the world of music for our Homage to the Music of MvG. Whether it is the classic video game tunes of old, or the tunes of an era since passed, the MvG cast has always been a great place to hear some great music. This past week was no exception to the rule, with a few different highlights taking a quick peek into how music has always been a major part of any good nightly cast. First up, Bo_0 highlights a sort of behind the scenes look at the ever popular intro sequence that goes into every single MvG cast. Next, Man trolls us all in his own way by treating us to a great mix of Rick Astley and Chrono Trigger. Finally, Squidmango highlights another great performance of MJ’s Billie Jean as sung by the great Man himself. Enjoy just some of the many music sequences that the MvG cast has brought us in the last week.

Music Trivia & Behind the Scenes (HT: Bo_0)

Man Rolled (HT: Bo_0)

Billie Jean vs Game (HT: Squidmango)

Man gets to have all the fun for a good majority of his casts, but sometimes you got to give someone else center stage to play games in front of a live chatting audience. This past Friday, fellow Bro Zeke got his chance in the spotlight while playing a level in Donkey Kong Country Returns. From the dramatic entrance to the cast earlier that evening, to his lovely impression work, and all of the failures and successes in between, we got plenty of great highlights from Zeke’s appearance on the cast to end the week. A thanks to Hitmanpayne for all three of the following highlights taking a glimpse into the best of Bro Friday.

Double Trollface (HT: Hitmanpayne)

Michael McDonald Impersonators (HT: Hitmanpayne)

End of Level Celebration (HT: Hitmanpayne)

And your winner for Herp Derp pic of the week goes to...

Replacing the out of context clip this week is the “What Were They Thinking?” Clip of the Week. We have seen some odd celebrations in the history of the MvG cast, but it is very possible that this celebration from one bro to another was one of the oddest ones we have seen so far. I don’t think I have to explain much here — just take a look at the highlight and answer the question yourself.

Awkward (HT: Shaggyscoots)

This gives you a whole new definition of "Hug It Out", doesn't it?

The MvG Moment of the Week (Presented by Starbucks Coffee and Hot Topic): A boss defeat so epic, it took 3,000 followers just to take him down. For the number of viewers who were not around (or awake) for the middle portions of Man’s 13+ hour adventure on Saturday, this moment is for you. On Saturday Morning, Man was continuing the painful work of getting through Donkey Kong Country Returns’ Mirror Mode, which is quite possibly one of the hardest tasks you saw in gaming from 2010. A lot of frustration, a lot of unneeded anger from both caster and chatter, and a steady climb of followers came from Man’s nearly 2 hour battle with one of DKC’s many rage inducing fights. This highlight shows off the immense relief and joy that came in the wake of victory, and from my point of view is this week’s best MvG moment. Enjoy.

Epic Boss Win (HT: Hitmanpayne)

The Growth — It Can’t Be Stopped: Another great milestone was hit this week for MANvsGAME, as the cast reached the 3,000 followers mark during the DKC action early Saturday. A huge shout out and thanks go out to all the followers of MvG, of which without them a lot of action I put together on this post would not be possible. Here is to more growth from here on out in 2011 everyone!

PS: Don’t forget the celebration of 3,000 followers will come in the form of MAN’s first ever official marathon this upcoming Friday (January 14th), beginning at 8 PM Eastern and going for 24 hours!

And with that, I put to bed this week’s posting of “This Week in MvG” and leave the rest to you in the comments. What were your favorite moments from the past week? Was there anything that I left out that you think should be on this post? Is there anything I can do better to make these posts more enjoyable? I would love to hear from you in the comments section!

Now here it is: Your Moment of Zen.

Zoned Out (HT: Bo_0)

I'm drawing a blank...I must be getting into a Zen like state here. Anyway, see ya next week!


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