This Week in MvG – Marathon to 4K Featuring Limbo

January 18, 2011

This is the fifth post in a SEMI new series where I put together a recap of the past week in MvG through the use of highlights from viewers like you! If you would like to see your highlight work in a edition of “This Week in MvG”, feel free to do your part and make cast highlights. If you don’t know how, just know that Google is your friend (and so are your fellow chat mates)!

This week’s edition of the MvG cast recap is brought to you by Spike’s 2010 Video Game Awards: The only place where you will find not only some cool trailers for the upcoming year in games, but quality award winners such as Lim—oh wait, never mind. Forget I ever said those words. Just remember the VGA’s for game trailers you can see a night before everyone else, alright? Nothing else.

The face that started a rising meme, and the face that sealed a game's fate as one of the worst in MvG history.

Before we begin tonight’s matchup between MAN and Game, it’s time for the singing of the MvG National Anthem. So please stand, put your hand over your heart, and listen with reverence to the anthem that tonight is being performed by MvG hosts Man & Zeke.

MAN’s 24 Hour Cast Opening (Hat Tip: Beef)

And with that, let the cheers roar a little louder as we begin another edition of This Week in MvG!

This Week in MANvsGAME: Marathon to 4K Featuring Limbo

Just like last week’s edition, we begin the recap with a salute to one of the more interesting series of moments this week. However, unlike last week where we saluted the actions of a viewer, we take a different direction this week and give a hearty salute to what I would like to call Agro’s Bridge. There is no doubt that Shadow of the Colossus was one of the better games played on the MvG broadcast, but it might have been the most random of moments that will stick out the longest when people remember Man’s three night playthrough of the game. All struggles aside, our own Man did not find himself in a position of Game Over all that often, but when he did, you just couldn’t help but bust out laughing.

For all those who missed it and would like a refresher, just remember that dying in any game is considered to be "double bullshit".

Where did Man find himself dying the most? Nope, the answer is not one of the colossi. Instead, Man’s biggest hurdle was a very famous bridge. Not once, but twice, it was good old Agro Bridge that took a win for the away team. Watch these highlights from Tacobeast and Criseffect and wonder for yourself: How many bullshits fit into one death?

You Can’t Stop the Rock (HT: Tacobeast)

Arrives at the Final Bridge (HT: Criseffect)

At least you have a long way to fall. It gives you enough time to figure out what the hell went wrong.

In very fitting fashion, the MvG cast took a turn from very positive to quite negative the night after the SotC final run. To go from one of the best in Shadow of the Colossus to maybe one of the worst in Limbo is something that only Man can do without sacrificing his audience in the process. How does he do it you ask? All you need to see from Thursday night’s Limbo cast to make it worthwhile is his reaction to the game’s ending — something older MvG viewers know a lot about. Without further ado, take it away to viewer tairyhesticle for Round 3 of a MvG staple: Are You Shitting Me?

Silent Rage From the Limbo Ending (HT: Tairyhesticle)

The Limbo Fallout: In the days following Man’s one night stand with Limbo, some great user created content started to find its way into the fabric of the MvG cast. First, MvG picked up its first ever montage, created by viewer MathiasS, which gives you a quick and easy one minute summary of the Limbo broadcast and saves you a whole lot of time from watching the JTV archives. Take a look at the one minute version for yourself, or if you are feeling some extra Man rage, feel free to watch the longer 15 minute version.

MANvsLimbo – 1 Minute Edition (HT: MathiasS)

MANvsLimbo – 15 Minute Edition (HT: MathiasS)

Man is all about begging for viewers, but he also makes a important point to make sure you are actually WATCHING the cast, too --- especially when he's ranting right after a bad experience.

To go along with MathiasS’ montage, MvG viewer Woulfe led a band of meme creators in quite possibly the best meme since the days of one particular laugh for Zeus. You can go view the rest of the MvG themed meme pictures in the forums, but here are a few I picked out for this recap:

A tip of a hat goes to Woulfe for this original creation to the Limbo family. It's all you need to answer if Man enjoyed Limbo or not.

This picture is brought to you by 8bit_bass, and is exactly how I picture the Manliest Man in the World to act. What do you think?

To celebrate reaching the 3K followers milestone on New Years Day, Man decided to put his resources together, pack up on some classic Starbucks Double Shot, and do a 24 hour (nay, 25 hour) MAN-A-THON, his first ever organized event. After plugging the marathon all week, this past Friday was the big day — and it did not disappoint. Here are a few of the clips you all highlighted from the big event:

First up, a reminder to every MvG viewer that adding Master Bro Zeke commentary to any game can make it that much better. Take an already solid game, Kirby’s Epic Yarn, for example. In the first few hours of the marathon, Man takes a quick break from the action, giving Zeke a chance to play in his stead. Were the results just as funny as his adventures with Donkey Kong Country Returns? Watch this highlight from Woulfe, go back to his earlier DKC:R run, and answer the question for yourself.

Them Bees (HT: Woulfe)

Story Time w/ Man & Zeke was interesting as always during the marathon, as this week the bros discuss the ever engrossing topic of losing your virginity and Zeke tells us way too much about stuff his Mom says. So gather around the fire again, grab yourselves a cup of coffee, and sit back to the curious stories of these bros in this week’s version of TMI.

MAN’s Virginity Story (HT: Chatia)

Zeke’s Mom FTW (HT: Chatia)

Look at those bros having a good time --- if only the trolls could have as much fun as those two do.

When A Cast Becomes a Marathon: Man has had some long casts before, even before his 25 hour adventures this past weekend. You will also notice that Man usually does a pretty good job at paying attention to the game despite his avid love for paying way too much attention to the chat. That is, until he gets just a bit too tired for that kind of multitasking. It is at moments like this highlight from Beef during a broadcast when you know a stream has gone from just a regular cast to a very special marathon.

Tired MAN (HT: Beef)

Oh my, Man's not going to be happy when he looks back up at his game screen.

The MvG Moment of the Week (Presented by Starbucks Coffee and Hot Topic): Lip syncing MAN’s way to 4,000 followers — in his greatest singing performance yet, Man put a spiritual wrap on the marathon about 4 hours before the end with his rendition of “Now You’re A Man”. The hair might not have been in the greatest shape, but the attitude certainly was. With almost 1,000 viewers in the stands, Man stepped up and delivered his best moment of the marathon, and this week’s best MvG moment. Enjoy.

4000 Followers! (HT: Tairyhesticle)

I'm not sure if he was just getting into the moment, or if he was in legit pain from his long gaming session. It possibly might have been a bit of both.

And with that, I put to bed this week’s late posting of “This Week in MvG” and leave the rest to you in the comments. What were your favorite moments from the past week? How about your favorite moment from the first ever MAN-A-THON? Was there anything that I left out that you think should be on this post? Is there anything I can do better to make these posts more enjoyable? I would love to hear from you on those topics or anything else you would like to discuss in the comments section!

Now here it is: Your Moment of Zen.

Epic Sound Effect Timing (HT: Tairyhesticle)


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