This Week in MvG – Meat Boy and His Kid’s Cave Story

December 4, 2010

This will be hopefully the first post in a new series where I put together a recap of the week in MvG through the use of highlights from viewers like you! If you would like to see your highlight work in a edition of “This Week in MvG”, feel free to do your part and make cast highlights. If you don’t know how, just know that Google is your friend (and so are your fellow chatmates)!

This week’s edition of the MvG Cast Recap is brought to you by: The Kid. Yes, that very same kid you know and love from the cult classic and all around painful game known simply as I Wanna Be The Guy. However, don’t ever forget why you as a MvG viewer should know this crazy character…

The Kid --- The only character in the history of MvG that packed the chat stadium into standing room only. In fact, I think I can still hear the 300+ chatgasms in the distance.

This Week in MANvsGAME – Meat Boy and His Kid’s Cave Story

Let me start off this recap with a question: How do you make an election more interesting? Do you possibly make it so that the losers are sacrificed to the gods as punishment for their dirty tactics? Maybe you should allow a mercy rule for the boring races? Okay — those are terrible ideas, and I should be punished myself for making up those questions on the spot. However, I do have a suggestion to make voting events more exciting. The answer: Extend the vote another week. It never fails to get the job done.

Just look at the most recent example of voting prowess: The MvG game vote. In a tight duel between favorite Super Meat Boy and underdog indie game Cave Story, the underdog took a quick lead in the first few days of the vote, looking to pull away from its opponents to become the next MvG playthrough. But then, something happened…the MvG nation took Thanksgiving week off. Meat Boy closed the gap, and by last Monday’s return, it was a good ol’ fashioned “Too Close to Call” race. Alas, after the 11th hour rally full of conspiracy theory and alleged vote stuffing (Writer’s Note: There was no alleged vote stuffing, I’m just trying to breathe more life into the story), Cave Story took the bid in large part to clever poll options. I mean come on now, tell me you don’t think these are the best choices that could have possibly been on this poll!

You know a poll is great when the typical "None of the above" option gets a decent percentage of votes. Try again next time, MvG viewers.

Now before we get to the highlights of the week, please click on the link, stand up, and put your hand over your heart for the MANvsGAME national anthem, this week sung by our very own Jayson Love.

The MvG National Anthem

Okay, you may be seated. It’s time to get to the action!

Now we all know that it can be very difficult to get in the mood for things. Sometimes we are too tired to do a task, or maybe we care so little that our lazy asses go do something else we find interesting. But if you listen to Man get up for Cave Story, I can guarantee that you will be pumped for whatever lame task you have to get accomplished next. You think I’m wrong? Just watch Beef’s highlight of Man’s first moments inside Cave Story and then tell me you aren’t jumping up and down in excitement.

Oh Boy…

You feeling pumped yet? Okay then, it’s time for you to get up on your gaming soapbox and tell the world what you don’t like about video games. Wait, maybe that is too hard for you, so let’s give Man a chance to do it for you. After all, isn’t one of Man’s favorite pastimes going on his cast and getting on his soapbox to tell you what he DOESN’T like? This week, Man would like to tell you a tale about games with multiple endings. Why are those games so bad you ask? How about the whole “talking to that NPC” action? Maybe it’s just game developers fucking with your soul, but it very well could be that laughter you hear when you have to play a game over…and over…and OVER again to get the ending you want that makes these games so bad. Let the Man explain himself in this little clip from Piepiez.

Just Pixel Being a Fuck

Out of context clip of the week: A clip so good, it’s going all crazy on us, girlfriend! A tip of the hat to Shock for this quick look back at Man’s life as a woman straight out of the Jersey Shore.

Out of Context CotW

What goes into a good highlight? What goes into a bad highlight? I’m not sure anyone can truly answer either one of those questions, but it’s those people who have a knack for finding a cast’s biggest hits that make the best highlights for everyone to enjoy. So, in order to help all of you become a best highlighter, MvG viewer and highlight expert Shock has created an example highlight for you to view. As the Man himself asks, is this really worth a highlight? Watch it, be the judge, and watch yourself become a better creator of highlighted content.

Is This Worth a Highlight?

Herp Derp Pic of the Week: Yes Man, that is a Meat Boy. We don’t need your lesson right after the greatest achievement of the week (maybe of the ever).

The best part of Mr. Herp Derp pic? The tone in which Man answers his own question. Watch the highlight later in the post to find out what I'm talking about.

The MvG Moment of the Week (Presented by Starbucks Coffee and Hot Topic): Man’s epic warp zone fight for The Kid during Friday Night’s Super Meat Boy playthrough. Very few people can say they have unlocked IWBTG’s headman in platforming juggernaut Super Meat Boy, but we can now say that Man has earned that unlocking right. How did he unlock that right you ask? Try an hour of nonstop pain and torture through some of Meat Boy’s toughest challenges. Now try doing it in front of a MvG nation that topped 300 viewers by the end of the battle. There are videos out there that contain Man’s entire journey of spiky death, but to save you a ton of time (and a lot of blood viewing), here are the three successful rounds that led all of us (Man in particular) to a collective orgasm.

MANvsTheKid – Round 1 (With Extra Herp Derp Ending)

MANvsTheKid – Round 2 (With Extra Rubbing Out)

MANvsTheKid – Finale (With Extra Couch Lounging)

In case you weren’t in the audience for Friday’s excitement, let me just break down some of the newest records broken: Highest Unique Viewers (384 – was 165), Highest Single Night Follower Gain (140 – from 1137 on Friday Afternoon to 1277 on Saturday Morning), and #2 on the JTV Gaming list. Yes, it was a pretty good night for the MvG community. And yes, it was also a good week for platforming fans everywhere.

Hope you enjoyed the inaugural edition of This Week in MvG. Remember, if you want to see a particular moment featured here, you have to make the highlight! It all starts again Monday folks — I’ll see ya then….oh fuck!

Perfect Ending


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  1. Beef

    Awesome work on the recap! Hopefully there will be more to read in the following weeks. :D

    1. MAN

      I agree completely! It’s like MvG Premium: all the best parts filtered out and packaged together for your enjoyment. :D