This Week in MvG – More Meat For Bros Everywhere

December 12, 2010

This is the second post in a new series where I put together a recap of the week in MvG through the use of highlights from viewers like you! If you would like to see your highlight work in a edition of “This Week in MvG”, feel free to do your part and make cast highlights. If you don’t know how, just know that Google is your friend (and so are your fellow chatmates)!

This week’s edition of the MvG cast recap is brought to you by…Zeke. Yep, master bro Zeke gets the salute this week for the ways he makes us all remember that it isn’t always the game that makes the cast one to smile at. For his lively demeanor that which graces our Monday nights (at least in December due to his fantastic cabaret work), we salute ya Zekester.

That's right, Zeke. Kiss that camera for all the world to see. We won't laugh at you...loudly.

And now, on with the week that was in the MvG realm. Enjoy.

This Week in MANvsGAME – More Meat For Bros Everywhere

Before getting into a week that was all “Super Meat Boy” all the time on the MvG network, let’s first go back to last Sunday’s 6 hour excursion through another run of indie game “Cave Story”. As most regular viewers know, a Sunday cast is quite rare in these parts, so any chance we get to see a weekend show, it ends up getting treated with a pretty large turnout. Now, what happens when there is a big turnout inside the confines of the MvG chat room? Well, without getting too much into the specifics of such craziness and utter chaos that can sometimes grace us on busy evenings, let’s just say that a lot of things go said in the chat that Man doesn’t see himself. Think about it: You are too busy focusing on getting through a game without making it boring for the viewer to watch, but at the same time you are forcing yourself to pay attention and make comments to those same viewers. Maybe when you think about it that way, you realize that moments like the one Beef brings to us can happen to you on a fairly regular basis:

I Wish I Saw Conversations Like This

Out of Context Clip of the Week. Okay, maybe not so much out of context as last week’s clip, but this one still needs a little background first. There are just some people who have such strong influence on others that there are those who will do just about anything that is asked of them. In this case, we have Zeke telling a story about some of the weird screen names he has seen and would like to see for himself. One of those screen names? Try “WizardSauceOnMyNuts” on for size. You think that is too odd to be an actual JTV username? If the answer to that is “yes”, then at least I can have some faith in humanity. However, that answer would actually be incorrect, as proven here by this clip.

The Power of Zeke

And now, it’s time for a test of the MvG Glitch System. Every once in a while there is a moment during the MvG broadcast where we get a glimpse of how good we have it sometimes when it comes to Man’s setup. Whether you like it or not however, there are also the occasional moments where you wonder if Man’s setup can be anymore terrible than it already is. Powered Toastman’s clip of the most recent Glitch System test reminds us all of how bad it can get (and how awesome the beats can get without even trying).

A Public Message to the MvG Viewers: Please don’t believe that Man’s setup is ass like he might tell you it is sometimes. His setup is the best setup money can buy…we think.


Now, it’s time for the Award For The Best Use of Gourmet Race During a MvG Broadcast, which goes to the playing of Gourmet Race in Man’s final level frustrations during Friday’s Meat Boy finale. I’m just going to break any integrity and neutral beliefs I might have as a “columnist” and say that Kirby Super Star probably has one of the best video game soundtracks of all time. One of my favorite songs on the soundtrack has to be the playful dedediddy (see that fail of a pun I just made!) known as Gourmet Race, named for the game of the same name. Now a little history on why this tune why played exactly when it needed to be: After entering the late stages of a seven hour marathon that can only be described by this writer as chaotic and frustrating to watch, Man began to get…how can I say this…testy…at the game and the environment around him. When you are in a situation like that, you need to give yourself a happy tune to get yourself motivated again. But hey, don’t let my words alone answer your questions — watch Man’s final attempt for yourself courtesy of another Powered Toastman clip:

Epic Win!!! (With Extra OMFG and Tawny Fit)

Herp Derp Pic of the Week: Not much to explain here in this week’s Herp Derp pic. I think the only question here is which face looks the derpiest (that isn’t really a word, is it?) of the bros. Remember, Zeke had just arrived from his crazy traveling woes (read on for more hilarity on that), so his look might be validated.

What Man might be thinking: "Holy funyuns! There's a CAMERA in here? Who put that there anyway?"

A MvG Meme Salute to the Cast’s “Bag of Dicks”. The MvG cast has been around now for 5 months, and over that period of time there have been quite a few phrases or moments that have come up that have become “memes” of sorts for the MvG community. This week, we salute the meme that MvG viewer Dibokkiller has beaten into our heads, the infamous Bag of Dicks. Anytime he comes into the room, you know he’ll be adding his most famous bag into the forefront of the conversation (Writer’s Note: NOT saying that’s a good thing. Dibo, if you reading this, new material wouldn’t be the worst idea in the world). Heck, even when his presence can’t be felt physically, it can be felt in spirit just about every night. As Squidmango has provided for us, Man once again had the Bag on his mind Friday:

More Bags of Dicks

The MvG Moment of the Week (Presented by Starbucks Coffee and Hot Topic): Zeke’s Monday adventures as presented by the bro himself. Yes, this week’s best moment wasn’t even in a game, so let us gather around the fire and listen to a story of drama, intrigue, and hilarity as only Zeke can tell it. This clip is a perfect reminder of why you should do three things: Drive REALLY slowly on icy roads, always blame mistakes in a store register on someone else, and take a moment to make sure you are in the right home. Trust me, you can get arrested for breaking into homes without consent! (I have a high school degree, so you have to believe me!)

Day in the Life of Zeke

And with that, I conclude this week of MvG highlights. Remember, if you want to see a particular moment featured here, you have to make the highlight! It all starts again Monday folks — but until then, let’s see how long I can go before remembering that I actually have to publish this thing. You would think it would be easy to remember, but even Man forgets the most simple of things.

Forgetful Man is Forgetful


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