MANvsGAME – Recap Special: 100 Viewers Edition!

September 11, 2010

I do apologize for not having any new content in a couple of weeks MvG readers! I will hopefully have some new content for you soon, so stay tuned!

But that is not what we are here for on this day. Nope, this post is to celebrate one of the greatest moments in MANvsGAME Cast history! As you all know, the live viewer count during each live broadcast has been going consistently higher over the past couple of weeks. It has been an interesting event over the last month, from the early days of just reaching over the double digit mark on a nightly basis to hitting regular numbers in the high 60’s/low 70’s. If there is anything that has become clear over these recent days and weeks, it is that Man has accumulated a serious audience. It is that type of activity that drove the events of this Friday’s cast.

MANvsGAME – The Recap (9/10/2010)

Before going into Friday’s cast, the unique viewer record at any one given time for MvG casts sat at 75 viewers. As also most of you know, tonight’s broadcast was the last MvG event until September 27th, as Man is headed off on a little trip. In order to tie up some loose ends before heading out, Man decided to extend his Friday cast to complete his week long project: Bayonetta. With it being a Friday night, it is no surprise that the viewer count began to shoot up quite quickly. Around 2 and a half hours or so into the cast, with the viewer record already having been crushed into the 90’s, Zeke shoots out an ultimatum to the viewers: You get us to 100 viewers, and I’ll do the truffle shuffle.

Love it or hate it, this might be the greatest moment in MvG history to date. Also, it should be noted I'll never be able to unsee that.

After a little push in advertising from some of the MvG chat, the goal of reaching 100 viewers was finally made into reality. Celebration of course was put forth in great earnest, leading to the dance that which none of us there will never forget. Of course, if you missed this now famous Zeke Truffle Shuffle, I shall now present it to you now for your viewing pleasure. Just click on the link and enjoy.

Zeke’s Truffle Shuffle

I know Man is the star of the show here, but I can at least speak for the mod team and the longtime viewers of MvG when we say thank you for all the support in reaching not only this 100 viewer goal, but also the ever changing follower number, which has now gone over the 400 mark! Once again, like I mentioned in a comment about 6 weeks ago, it seems like MANvsGAME can go only go higher up from here — and it’s all thanks to YOU and I, the MvG community!

Let’s continue to grow this great community and maybe hitting the 200 viewer mark might not be just a dream for much longer! As for the short term, I’ll remind you once again that MvG is now set to go on a two week break, with casting to resume in all likelihood on Monday, September 27th. Until then, keep on visiting the site and chat with the folks around here. Just because Man is away doesn’t mean we can’t keep in contact with one another!

With that, I say thanks once again and leave you to discuss Friday’s cast below in the comments. Until next time, MvG readers and viewers!

PS: As of the end of Friday’s cast, the MvG viewer record sits at 126, and the follower count is now up to 420. Keep it up everyone, and tell your friends!


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  1. Tomasu

    Thats pretty damn awesome Man, congrats!

    1. MAN

      Thank ya kindly, sir. It’s all possible thanks to viewers like YOU! Wait no, not like you… where the hell have you been Tomasu?! (:P)

  2. otterfiend

    i lol’d