MANvsGAME – The Recap (8/24/10)

August 24, 2010

Once again, I’m taking my regular cast recap that I once placed in the now deceased forums and putting it onto the front page for all of you folks to see. Now how exciting is that? I know…you are raising your hands in the air in celebration as you read this very sentence. Hell, I know I was! So, are ready for the fun that is the MvG Recap? Well, it doesn’t matter if you are ready or not, cause here I come!

MANvsGAME Cast Recap (8/24/2010) — MAN of WAR Cast Featuring God of War

“MAN vs. Smack Talk” – View Highlight Here

Tonight’s cast opened up with another edition of the Man Smack Talk. This cast’s topics include Man’s hate for the folks behind Man vs Food and the Bear Grylls Video Game video. Is there anyone that Man’s good old soap box can’t touch? Watch the Man call his fellow Mans out in this highlight. Enjoy.

“Don’t Know What You’re Messin With” – View Highlight Here

Man has certainly been showing off his skill in this game recently, and this is once again one of those fine examples. In this highlight, Man uses the power of the freshly upgraded blades to lay down the smack on his opponents. You figure that they would learn, but I guess they truly don’t know what they are now messing with in the MAN of WAR.

“Tetris – GoW Style” – View Highlight Here

Tonight’s edition of the GoW Puzzle Special brings Man back to his oldest gaming days where Tetris was the greatest game ever made. However, when you put Tetris into a modern ancient game such as this one, you can tend to have some problems getting all the blocks to work out in your favor. This is where we pick up Man as he attempts to improve his fine Tetris skills.

“Calling His Shot” – View Highlight Here

Now, the moment I know all of you have been waiting for: It’s time for tonight’s edition of pure Man fail. In tonight’s clip, Man gets himself caught in some spikes a few too many times, but not before calling his own shot and telling the chat he was headed for his death. Enjoy this 7 minutes of pure failure action, which includes some live chat to you, the recap viewer.

I guess after dying for the sixth consecutive attempt, this is the same expression you would have. Of course, all the viewers couldn't be happier, could they?

“Pokemon From Hell” – View Highlight Here

Remember when I talked about how Man looked to be making some progress in this game? Well, that might want to be reconsidered after this highlight. In this clip, Man goes from the confident MAN of WAR to the pu-say game streamer in the blink of the eye. Don’t look away or you might miss the moment where Man shames himself in retreat.

“Final Push to Pandora” – View Highlight Here

The last major fight of the evening has a little bit of fun for everyone. You got your fail in the first half, and then you have the triumphant victory in the latter half. Watch as the MAN of WAR finally seals the deal and reaches the Pandora’s Box in this final highlight of the Tuesday cast, and be sure to thank all those chatters out there for trying to make Man whimp out of that fight.

After playing this game for over a week now, you can tell Man is slowly becoming what he is playing. I mean, can you see those veins popping out? Totally god like right there.

So, hopefully you enjoyed this edition of the MvG Recap! Is there anything I can do better to improve this recap? Well, if there is, then do not be shy to post a comment below. After all, I will be trying to do these for every cast, so every little comment helps! Okay, until Wednesday friends — have a great night!


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