MvG Comment Giveaway – Recettear Edition

December 22, 2010

UPDATE: This contest is now over! Thanks to everyone who participated — much love to ya as always! -Duff

It’s Pink Week at the MvG cast, and with Christmas around the corner this weekend, it is a good time to be giving away some goodies! This is the 3rd night in a game giveaway here exclusively on the site. Good luck!

On my first night of giveaways, I gave away a copy of Super Meat Boy to MvG viewer CaptainUrahara. Last night, I gave away two copies of the original Puzzle Quest to viewers Mikeyman2000 & Piepiez. Now tonight, I have decided to give away another game as part as MvG’s Pink Week! In night 3 of my giveaway run, I have decided to give away a Steam copy of Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale.

It's the game for the shopkeeper in all of us. I have to admit that this is WAY better than being a real life shopkeeper.

Here is a quick overview of the game before you decide on trying to win it. In Recettear, you are set into the role of shopkeeper, selling different items found throughout the game. However, you are not just slaving away in the shop (which I hear can be quite fun), as there is also a dungeon crawler aspect in this title as well. The main goal of the game is to get yourself out of debt by collecting money towards paying off a debt payment. You complete that overall mission, and you win! Think of it as a sort of Sims title…for a shop. Pretty cool, eh?

Finally, it is an epic win for Capitalism. Capitalism, Ho!

Okay, now for the fun part. I will be giving away a copy of this game tonight as part of Pink Week! For those that have taken part in the first two comment affairs, feel free to try again this go around! Here are rules once again that need to be followed in order to win:

Make a profile here at (if you haven’t already). After all, you are going to want to anyway if you want to chat here and be part of the community!

Leave a comment here on this thread. In your comment, you must do one of two things: 1) Leave your Steam name and then add me on Steam (DuffmanA is my account name). OR 2) Leave the e-mail address you would like me to send the game to (AKA the e-mail you use for your Steam account). That way I can send you the game regardless of if you are my friend on Steam or not.

NOTE: If you have already entered in either of the first two contests and have already added me on Steam, you do not need to put your steam account in again if you don’t want to.

-Post the comment by the deadline, which in this case will be Thursday, December 23rd at 1:00 AM Eastern Standard Time. Anything later than that, and you won’t be in the drawing.

Okay then, best of luck everyone! Remember, you can’t win it if you aren’t in it!


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  1. dibokkiller

    DuffmanA i love reading your reviews on the site,i really think this game looks good.

  2. MAN

    I fuckin’ love Pink Week. ^_^ (Even if I’m not eligible to win! ;A;)

  3. 13th_arcana

    Keep this up and this could be an annual thing!
    Steam – 13th_arcana/chaosphoenix666

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  5. Borunks

    Woohoo another contest, let’s do this!

    1. Borunks

      I want to re-write mine,
      Another contest, how nice of you duff :D
      I honestly thought this game looked AMAZING hope I win, thanks again duff ^_^

  6. Chatia

    Oh yay! sign me up, I think I added you on steam already, but if not, its Chatia!

  7. MaritoxMX

    I downloaded the demo of this game, and I cant stop playing it, its so addictive, I hope win this gift

    Steam name: maxiomx



  8. kmmgreen5

    do i get nice things?


  9. Mr.Giggles

    Why not. Steam: Mr.Giggles

  10. dradancosaph

    I’ll try
    steam: dradancosaph

  11. Mickiemoemoe

    I Want dat Game plzkthx
    Steam: Mickiemoemoe

  12. bonygrunt

    Recettear? I actually considered picking this up. This would be even better!

    Steam: bonygrunt

    Thanks again for the contest! You guys are incredible.

  13. BGoldenTLE

    I’m going to buy it if I don’t win so its worth a shot.

    Steam: BGoldenTLE

  14. Dister

    I’ve heard of this game and been wanting to play it for a while.

    Steam: Xerus_


  15. Chinfishem

    Listen up Mr. Man, got no clue what this is but it seems free and I want it. Also, haha, hoho, hehe, (idiot moron).

    That is all. Good bye sweet princess.

    1. Chinfishem

      Oh yes, also Squirrelmobile is my steam.

  16. mik5021

    Steam name: mik5021

    Happy Holidays to you

  17. grudge209

    steam name: grudge209

  18. codycass

    Marry me MAN! and we can do stuff ;), anyway to the point…
    steam ID: codycass94

  19. Jamesthespoonp

    Ive been looking to get this game for awhile

    steam: Gahzoo

  20. aquamoon91

    Steam: aquamoon91

    I only need to say one thing and one thing only…

    (lol, and I enjoyed today’s cast even though Man called Marinus a monkey! XDD it was epic :3 and yes happy holidays everyone stay warm or enjoy the snow)

  21. DuffmanA

    Alright, this contest is over! Congrats to BGoldenTLE for winning tonight’s prize! Thank you everyone once again for participating!

  22. Dagg

    Damned! I’m too late. -.- I just read about it on twatter.. Sadfaec..

  23. BGoldenTLE

    Whaa!? I won? Wow thats a first. Thanks Duffman!!!