Update: MvG Cast on Hiatus

May 17, 2011

Greetings, MANkind!

Some of you out there may have been wondering just what the hell is going on with MANvsGAME lately, what with no cast for about 4 days now and little to no updates from me in the Twattersphere. The simple and honest answer is that I am taking a (hopefully short) self-imposed break from casting while I get my “real life” in order… namely the financial part.

I’ve been fairly candid on the cast about the fact that I haven’t had a job since December, and the only thing that has kept this long-overdue hiatus from happening sooner has been a combination of the JTV ad revenue and the absolutely astounding love and support from all of you. The ad revenue and monetary donations have been literally my only source of income over these past six months or so, and even though, at times, it’s felt like a dream coming true, the reality is that I’ve been gradually sinking into financial ruin, with all the feelings of stress and guilt that being broke is known to produce.

So, having come so far on starry-eyed dreams and delusions of triumph, I have finally decided to put MANvsGAME on hold, while I join the rest of society… and get a fucking job! I’m hoping the search won’t take very long. I’m not asking for much… just a simple part-time job that would afford me the time and money to continue working on my real labor of love… MANvsGAME.

I thank you for your continued support, dear viewer, and I hope to be back casting and laughing again with you all very soon. Take care guys. :D


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  1. Hassan

    If you need anything sirs let us know, we’ll be here awaiting your return.

  2. thegreatgq

    love you man. i hope you find something perfect for you soon! ill be eagerly awaiting your return.

  3. S1ayer

    That’s sad. I was hoping the JTV ad revenue was enough to keep you afloat. I know i’d rather be just getting by and happy then rich and miserable. Good luck with the search. I look forward to the first welcome back cast.

  4. Megamatics

    With all the things going down in the Job Market now you gotta be Vigilant. Most Employers are Slime balls so you gotta Muck up all the goop before they slime yah and give you the run around so you just need to be Slimier so it slips right off.

  5. Powdered Toastman

    I miss the hell out of ya, MAN! Wishing nothing but the best for you right now.

  6. Someguyinthisworld

    You’ll find a job soon and be back to playing MANvsGAME but just a different schedule in no time! You can do it! Can’t wait for you to start casting again. Kind of inspired me to start casting whenever I can get it fully set up within a few months. And see what happens.

    Thanks Man, and tell Zeke HI! for me too.


  7. vsalcedo

    Ya good luck with finding a great job soon. Who knows look up jobs for gametesters wish I could help you. I’m far from my old animation roots from college and most of them are working for companies like bluesky etc. So hang in there you find something soon =)