MANvsGAME Minecrafted

December 28, 2010

Check out this AWESOME homage to MvG done by our good friend itorqueu while casting a minecraft session on his channel at You can easily compare the dimensions of itorqueu’s creation with the original MvG logo at the top of this page. They’re SPOT ON!

As an added bonus, you can also watch the making of this most epic MvG tribute below, since itorqueu was cool enough to cast the entire creative process! Follow this man on now and help me in giving praise to him and his most excellent creation! Thanks so much, itorqueu! You, sir… ROCK.

The Making of MANvsGAME in Minecraft (part 1)

The Making of MANvsGAME in Minecraft (part 2)


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  1. Tang

    Torq did a good job on that. MAN is spoiled i cant see. :D